Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Crude Sacrifices

My friend Philip sent me this uber grim look at the tar sands in Alberta. Alberta, for those of you who have never been, is the Texas of Canada. Alberta has a lot of oil like Texas, but it also has something unique - tar sands. Which when I was growing up in Canada where useless because they still had not figured out how to separate the sand from the oil. Guess what? They figured it out and it's not a good thing... well at least not for people. It's dandy for the oil companies bottom line however. Damn those pesky people always getting in the way of profit!

Take a deep breath at give the trailer a look see.

Here is the link to the site and a synopsis:

Crude Sacrifice takes an in-depth look at how a northern community is treated by Canada and the province of Alberta as it relates to our government’s involvement with multi-national oil companies in exploiting and promoting Canada’s rich Tar Sands.

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