Friday, August 20, 2010

MacBook RIP

My computer died today.

I took it into the repair shop, shrugged and said to the guy:

"Well I guess 4 years is all you can expect."

He surprised me and said:

"5, they should last 5 years.'

This Mac has been the bad seed of laptops from day 1. I had to replace the hard drive TWICE in the first year of ownership.

Makes me wonder why I still am so slavishly devoted to them? I'm typing this on Neil's Dell and I hate it, it's like I have to learn a new language with a weird alphabet, nothing makes sense, even the keyboard behaves oddly.

It's going to take until next Tuesday or Wednesday before I'll get the diagnosis. Something tells me it's not going to be make matters more complicated I am in theory going to the island of bad reception on Sunday or Monday (Fire Island) for 5 days or so.

Not sure how I will be able to afford a new laptop, but in the mean time I am off to get an iPhone!

Please bear with me as I figure out my options. I'm sure after the mourning period is over I'll come up with some clever idea.

Over the next week my posting may be dodgy, but have no fear...... I'm just temporarily technologically challenged.


BaoPhac Do said...

Can you tell me which model it is and if the LCD screen is still good? I have a friend who has a good computer but dead screen. Maybe we can work out a sale.

Urban Food Guy said...

cool yeah the screen is fine

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