Friday, September 16, 2011

San Gennaro Festival

The San Gennaro Festival happens every Fall on Mulberry street in the heart of what is left of Little Italy  (September 15ht to the 25th).  This year in order to diversify things the festival includes some trendy food booths by people like celebrity chef April Bloomfield of the uber hip: The Breslin, The John Dory and the Spotted Pig.  Several other local foodie establishments are represented in this years fair, but to be honest, I can't stand it and after one block of having the breath squeezed out of me by the mostly touristy crowds I just couldn't do another block.
Fried food paradise!

This drinks have free refills if you can make it through the first one!
Excess anyone?
Batchi ball in the twilight, looked like fun.

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