Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Heritage Meats and Brooklyn Taco Come to Essex Street Market

On the site of the old much missed Jeffrey Meat market comes three new tenants: Brooklyn Taco and Heritage Foods.  I am beside myself with excitement.  As of this post I only know two of the three new tenants, so more to come as I find out.

This will be the first retail space for Heritage Foods, who have hitherto only sold their very high quality, heritage breed meats online.  And of course I love tacos and as a big fan of the Brooklyn Food scene I'm always glad when small Brooklyn businesses make the leap over the river and open up here on the Lower East Side.  The Essex Street Market  has become one of the most diverse and vibrant markets in the city.  Ironically the city wants to tear down the market as part of the SPURA redevelopment of the are around Delancey and Essex.  Why tear down a vibrant, historic, market place that serves all the diverse communities that  make up the Lower East Side?  Oh right because we need more luxury condos, I forgot.  

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