Saturday, September 17, 2011

Brooklyn Taco and Heritage Foods Open in the Essex Street Market

and I'm so excited. This brings yet another fine food retailer to the market and an excellent prepared food vendor. I tried one of Brooklyn Taco's tacos yesterday a Guaco Taco: guacamole, fresh corn, cheese, hot sauce in a soft taco. Cooling and delicious!

Heritage Foods has taken over a large portion of the old Jeffrey's Meat Market space and already has one display case filled local characuterie and the finest (often local) meats.

Heritage Foods, as the name would suggest, sells primarily heritage breeds of animals, breeds that because of the monoculture mind set of corporate AG CEO's where becoming harder and harder to find.  Heritage Foods is changing that, encouraging farmers to rear heritage breed turkeys and pigs and also helping to get this meat to market.

I'm very excited about the weekly butcher's favorite!  Which is priced to sell at $3.99 a pound and changes weekly.

I love that they cook with traditional clay pots, after your taco you can also enjoy an individually brewed cup of Blue Bottle Coffee ($3)

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