Monday, September 26, 2011

Lower East Side Food Walking Tour

The Tenement Museum has a bevy of tours, readings and other events associated with the museum, I've notice over the years I have lived here people milling about sampling local fare and talking about it  but didn't realize that these outings where part of the museum.  Yesterday on my way to the market I walked up Orchard street and saw the above sign.

Now even if you live in the city, or as is my case in the neighborhood, these tours are really worth taking (he who has never been on one says).  Often I will stop and listen to the tour guides talking, they usually have old pictures to show along with lots of great information about this amazing neighborhood and how it got to be so amazing!

Anyway seeing this sign made me realize I want to take the food tour!  Anyone want to join me? The tour is $45 which includes lots of nibbles and lasts 2 hours.

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