Friday, September 16, 2011

Reality: Eating is An Agricultural Act

This is the summation of 24 Hours of Reality an world wide event that reported on the state of our world based on the facts.  Usually in the morning I look on line for interesting food related items, recipes, ideas, videos.  Today I spent an hout watching Al Gore's summation of 24 hours of Climate Reality.  It's an hour long and is, to my mind, essential viewing, not only because it gives the latest in factual information about the devastating impact of global warming, but what we can do to change it.

You may be thinking, but what does this have to do with food?

My mantra about cooking and food is a quote from Wendell Berry which I first heard from Alice Waters when I saw her speak at the New Museum this Winter: Eating is an agricultural act.   When the planet is devastated by extreme drought, flooding, desertification, record high temperatures and frequent violent storms it is very difficult to grow food.  That's the short answer.

Changing habits is very difficult. But continuing to support corporate CAFO made meat, massive monoculture industrial farms, and GMO seeds we only decrease our ability to actually feed ourselves because all of the above mentioned contribute to the devastation of our planet that is portrayed so vividly in the below video.

It's long, but I really think essential viewing:

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