Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cooking Up A Storm: Fire Island Menus

Night 1

Goat Curry Bengali Style with Fried Potatoes
Peach Chutney
Brown Basmati Rice
Boston Lettuce Salad
Apricot Raspberry Galette with whipped cream

Night 2

Popcorn with Fresh Thyme
Khao Sai Gai (Chang Mai Chicken Curry with Noodles)
Canadian Cesar Salad (no Parmesan in the dressing,  focaccia croutons and bacon)
House made Focaccia
Chocolate Pudding Cake with whip cream

Night 3

Spicy Lamb Burger
Cumin and fried garlic Yogurt sauce
Housemade Focaccia "burger buns"
Grilled Eggplant


Corn on the Cob (local long Island corn)
Baked Potato

Night 4


Asian Lamb Shepard's Pie - onions, garlic, Thai chili, ginger, spring onions, celery, stir fried with dark soy sauce a little bit of water salt and black pepper finished with fresh cilantro served over the previous nights baked potato mashed with butter and cream.


Lemon Mouse with candied lemons, raspberry compote and whip cream

This is what I've been doing on my summer vacation. Two more nights to go!

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