Friday, September 2, 2011

Lost Weekend NYC

A year ago good coffee South of Delancey street was hard to find.  Now, in the past year we have three, count 'em , 3 great places each featuring a different roaster.  Dora's has Stumptown, Cafe Grumpy roasts their own beans and now Lost Weekend NYC become the first cafe in Manhattan to serve all Blue Bottle Coffee  - coffee.  Blue Bottle Coffee is a boutique Oakland coffee company that has, up until now, been only in Williamsburg (their space is amazing, huge, zen, great nibbles as well as amazing coffee, and in the back they roast beans).  Lost Weekend NYC  is serving the full array of Blue Bottle coffees from pour over drip coffee to Barista made espresso drinks.

In addition to coffee and sweets they also have, art, clothes and some very upscale looking body care products.


Mitch Weinstein said...

Of course, there's also Roots and Vines, with Counter Culture and Roasting Plant further up north on Orchard St.

Urban Food Guy said...

Thats so funny those were the first 2 coffee places in the neighborhood and after I posted this I thought: I should have mentioned them (though I do prefer the newer ones coffee - I'm a huge fan of Blue Bottle) thanks for reminding me! Roasting Plant also makes an awesome chocolate chip cookie. And in the Essex Street market is Puerto Rico we are now an officially very well caffeinated neighborhood!

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