Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dueling Galettes

I'm back from Fire Island and my week on the beach and in the kitchen. Often when I cook for people I don't know or feel like I want to impress I get anxious but this past week was so relaxed and fun.  It was also a good lesson on what works best for larger crowds, what's easiest after a day at the beach and most importantly when on an island with somewhat limited resources what can you make with what is available.

Local tomatos and corn from Montauk Long Island were spectacular and delicious, I had brought some apricots which was a good thing as none of the fruit I saw was local.  Though last night I broke down and bought some peaches to make a crumble.  

Galette dough is easy to make, can be made in the morning before you leave for the beach so that when you come home all you have to do is roll it out and fill it with either a savory or set filling and pop it in the oven and you have either dinner or dessert.  Because the dough is free form it means you don't need any special plan to cook it in and it is very forgiving: people always think it looks great no matter what!

Just be careful to not use a filling that is too juicy as it can make a mess and make for a soggy bottom.  I haven't made a savory meat version yet but lamb stew or stir friend chicken and mushrooms would both be great options for fillings!

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