Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Graham Hill's Mini Ted Talk on: Week Day Veg

This is a quick n' easy 4 minute Ted talk by Treehugger founder Graham Hill, who discusses his reluctance to be a full time vegetarian.

It's interesting, although for someone like me who is so immersed in food issues it seems kind of like a no brainer.  What I think is missing is the "local sustainable meat" aspect.  Sure, we should have a mostly plant based diet with occasional animal/fish protein, and the weekend idea he suggests is perfect.   He talks about swapping out red and processed meats with sustainable fish - fine, but Goat meat is a red meat but it is to my understanding every bit as sustainable as the right fish, ditto Lamb and to a lesser extent Grass fed beef.   So to just put a finer point on his point, support farmers, not corporations and factories and when you eat meat make the right choice: local and humanely raised when possible.  Also the big point he misses is that when you eat less meat you can save money so when you do eat it you can afford to eat the good stuff.

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