Sunday, September 25, 2011

Food Rut

My friend Michael is on a tear, every day I get a text: making heirloom tomato, sausage and white bean stew....

The next day a photo of the amazing looking stew.

Yesterday was: Bought 20 pounds of tomatoes for canning!  (his second batch mind you)

Today it was:  Thinking about making Oxtail and Okra stew!

To which I thought about how the okra might taste great it you battered it and deep friend it and served it on top like a fancy crouton.

Meanwhile back in my kitchen...

... it seems that everything is about mozzarella and tomato sauce.  The tomatoes are so lovely and fleeting.   And like everyone I play to my spouses likes and dislikes.  Also I have to deal with a kosher kitchen so Goat Curry isn't really an option (at least not made with yogurt in it).

 ...and it's not like I am blaming Neil for anything because of course after a long hard day these are the comfort foods I want to eat as well.... for this lasagna I made whole wheat pasta and was surprised how light it was.  Soon the tomato and basil season will be over and although I will be able to make these comfort food favorites there is somehting nice about enjoying them in season.
And of course then there are the endless, much written about crumbles, pies and other desserts that I won't post about again. Simple food that makes you happy is what it is all about.

Meanwhile I look forward to visiting my friend Michael and Harlem and have a Creole cooking festival with lots of trieff food (tieff meaning not kosher).  More on that as it happens.

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