Thursday, September 22, 2011

IF & L

This space at 74 Orchard Street has housed three restaurants since I first moved into the neighborhood 6 years ago.  An Italian place which was kind of boring, a South African place called Saffa which I had high hopes for, but never took off, the most recent incarnation of this space is: Interstate Food and Liquor.

As you can see from the pictures below the space is long and narrow and high, a real design challenge, but of the three restaurants so far this one has managed to make the space the most inviting.
The easy to like American Bar and Grill meets diner menu also help make this place very accessible and when you add in that this familiar comfort food is made from locally sourced and organic raw materials I feel like three might just be the lucky number for this new comer.

Can't wait to eat here, will report back later, with more on my dinning experience

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