Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What Are We Doing Here?

One of the 4 young men who made this documentary is Daniel Klein, you might recognize him from the many Perennial Plate videos I have posted here over the last year.   This is a project he, his brothers and a cousin did looking at the effectiveness and ramifications of international aid in African.

Food Aid is a significant way the west gives to Africa.  With the Gates foundation who are in now working h and in hand with Monsanto, you see in this film, how so much of our food aid specifically although not exclusively has nothing to do then helping the poor people of African but rather helping the rich corporations of America, like for example by giving aid that then helps to expand Monsanto's market.

Those are my examples neither are mentioned in the film although one of the most disturbing sections of the movie for me is of the christian food aid which comes with a healthy does of: we'll give you food as along as you'll accept Jesus!  Up with Jesus down with Satan! 
God forbid help should just be given with out a caveat.

What Are We Doing Here takes a very broad look at the situation in Africa and how in so many instances international aid makes things worse, it's well worth a watch and very much about food.

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