Sunday, July 3, 2011

Tundra Brewery

Mark Van Glad had been brewing beer as a hobby for several years when he decided to make the leap and go pro.  I noticed his stand this past Friday at the Union Square Green Market and went over to investigate. 
On offer where two beers, a Pale Ale and a Red Ale selling for $13 for a 6 pack.  I tasted both of them he Mark told me about his process, which involves using local grains and for his Red Ale a unique substitution.  Turns out Mark's parents make and sell Maple Syrup so in his Red Ale he uses Maple Sugar instead of cane sugar.  Both beers are tasty, but the red was my favorite.
This is Mark.  As of this posting he doesn't have a web page yet, but you can check him out on Face Book or ask at your favorite local spot if they serve it Jimmy's 43 has it on offer along with a menu full of delicious local fare. 

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