Monday, July 25, 2011

Pimento Cheese Spread, And So Much More!

My friend and Urbanfoodguy reader Chris Bryant is the go to food guy on the blog at Lark Crafts.  His posts are not only beautiful (he does the styling as well as the cooking) they make me hungry.

Here is the ingredient/process shot for yummy Pimento Cheese Spread.
Although I have to admit I have a kind of phobia about really orange cheddar so I just use sharp white cheddar.   My mother admonished me a while back over lunch when he grilled cheese came to the table and was made with white cheddar, she prefers orange cheddar and when I said I preferred the white version she snapped:

"Orange cheese has more flavor! each their own.  

There are lots of wonderful post, I was particularly envious that Chris can make lacto-fermented Barrel Pickles in his basement.  No matter how big your apartment kitchen is it just can't compete with a house.
My favorite post I think (it's hard to pick just one favorite) is his Momofuku Inspired Japanese Hot Bath Eggs.  Just typing it makes me want to run to the East Village and have a bowl of Ramen!

(Oh and did you see that David Chang is now doing a quarterly magazine called Lucky Peach? (Which is what Momofuku means in Japanese I believe).  I saw it in two stores today, apparently it went to print in late June.  So I'm not too horribly behind, although maybe I am on the publishers site it says they are already on issue 2?  The Chang empire is just to big and ever expanding for me to keep track of!)

Now back to my blog post:

If you are interested in: Pickling, Canning, Cooking, Crafting and any other DIY thing you can think of (like making cheese and raising chickens) it's all covered on the Lark Craft's site - it's a great resource and an inspirational (not to mention helpful read.

Kind of like Martha Steward Living only more accessible.


Chris & Skip in AVL said...

MARK! You are so kind! This has made my day, week, year. I'm sure you know well that needling question blogging people ask every time they embark on a lengthy post, "But if I post it will they come?"

My blogging heros are folks like you who keep up the conversation every day, year-round. Lucky for me at Lark is I'm only on once a month.



danny garza said...

Thanks for this Mark! I posted some deep thoughts on the source's website. Can't wait to run home and make some!! [How many times to people write 'yum' in when they repsond to you?]

Urban Food Guy said...

Danny: I think you can never have too many "Yums" in your life so I am always appreciative of them!

Chris: I have the same worry about long posts, but in the end I think they are very appreciated and particularly if they are describing a process (brining pickles, making slow cook eggs, etc..) they are posts people will come back to again and again. I envy you for having the time to focus on something and really be able to do it right! Sometimes I feel like I just need to post...grass is always greener!

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