Tuesday, July 12, 2011

M Wells

This is a photo tour of my lunch at the 2 star Queens Diner called M Wells that is co-owned by a French Canadian chef and his New York City wife.

Part New York diner part Quebec country kitchen, M Wells is certainly a comfort food destination.

My tomato soup, which I found too sweet, came with a side of grilled cheese which had a good shmear of Dijon mustard.  I need to go back here for dinner and have one of the famous family sized platters of meat.  The trouble his every since Sam Siftons rave review this place it constantly packed, the sense of "overwhelmed" by the staff is palpable and to make matters worse they are mostly a day time joint, when last I looked they are only open three nights a week.  So plan ahead.  Or wait until they either expand their hours or open up a bigger space.  My favorite thing is that they use old fashioned seltzer bottles (see picture above).

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Chris and Skip said...

So glad you finally made it out there to try. Looks like a fun place, even though packed tight. Maybe by the time Skip and I get up there the hubbub will have blown over.

(love that the word verification to upload this comment is "prics" ... how on earth did you do that?)

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