Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bosnian Fast Food?

When I first walked by Djerdan Burek, before they opened, the sign in the window had pictures of delicious looking goodies wrapped in Phyllo and I thought: It's gonna be a Turkish place.  So when I went in to check it out once they opened I was very surprised after talking to one of the owners that it isn't Turkish nor is it Greek (which it also looks like) it's Bosnian.  

Bosnia is part of what used to be Yugoslavia, it's across the Adriatic Sea from Italy just a stones throw away from Greece.  It's not a cuisine I have to say I had ever considered.  If the truth be told the only thing I have ever thought about this part of the world was how the beaches in Croatia were suppose to be really beautiful.  So now here, just three blocks from my apartment, is Bosnian fast food. 

And boy oh boy is it good, a nice alternative to pizza, certainly more hearty, with options of cheese, meat, potato or spinach.  Don't forget to leave room for dessert, they make their own baklava with walnuts and other regional specialties like Bombica, which is basically cake crumbs filled with chococlate: What could be bad?
For instant gratification you can get "stix" which come with a super rich garlic sour cream dip.
If you become a fan of these phyllo filled wonders and want something more than a snack you'll be happy to know they come in three different sizes: stix are the smallest, then rolls and the biggest is a pie which is enough to feed 4 (or more...), add a salad and you have dinner. 

The thing that sets these apart from other Phyllo based treats you may have had is that the dough is home made, check out this video of the matriarch making Burket from homemade Phyllo - it's amazing!
The pies are on the top shelf ready to be taken home and browned in the oven or they would do it for you.
Here is the dessert selection...
So the next time you are on the Lower East Side after a night of drinking or just on your way home for work, stop buy and have a Burek at Djerdan Burek!

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