Saturday, November 20, 2010

Psssssst, Bagels and Lox and Cream Cheese and Coffee, Oh My!

Nicole, the owner of Dora's coffee, left a comment on my last Dora's posting alerting me and you, my dear readers, that tomorrow morning starting at 7 am there will be a limited supply of (free if I am reading it right) Kossar bagels, smoked salmon and cream cheese to go along with your most excellent cup of Stumptown coffee which Dora will be brewing exclusively.

This is just a little pre-opening peak so don't miss it!

If I can manage to get up that early I will be over there taking pictures to share here and enjoying a bagel with the works!

Dora opens it's doors for regular hours Monday November 22nd (I'll check and get back to you about what the hours are, I think 7am-4pm for now).

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