Sunday, November 21, 2010

Berkli Parc: Upscale Coffee on Allen And Delancey

On my way home yesterday I noticed that construction was nearly completed on the very handsome Berkli Parc - directly kitty corner from Starbucks (Allen and Delancey). 

I'm sure they plan on giving them a run for the money.  It's hard to say for sure, but Berkli Parc looks like a well funded start up that plans on serving good coffee in a neighborhood that prizes all things local and thinks, by the very fact of it not being a mega chain, it could garner it a fair amount of business.

It's amazing how even in this grim economy that the food scene on the Lower East Side just keeps growing and growing.   Hell, soon I won't need to go to Brooklyn! (kidding of course)

Which makes me want to make one of those stupid comments that everyone is making these days... something along the lines of:  The Lower East Side is the Brooklyn of Manhattan!   

I'd say that I've heard Brooklyn used as as an adjective more in recent months then even before:
Portland (OR) is the Brooklyn of America.

Or my friends in Asheville described their neighborhood as the Brooklyn of Asheville and, as it just so happens, I am currently reading Colm Toibin's book Brooklyn.  What I want to know is when did Brooklyn come to represent all things alternative, fun, funky and interesting?

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