Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Good Food News

Two pieces of good news today on the food front. 

First the local news: the New York Senate voted in favor of a moratorium on the practice of hydrualic fracturing.  

I posted a great clip from Josh Fox's film Gasland a while back that gives a great overview of the process and the problems with it, in particular the risk it poses to our drinking water.

On the national front the Food Safety Modernization Act just passed the Senate earlier this morning with a vote of 73-25.  Food Democracy Now wrote this in their press release:

The Senate vote was the bill's biggest hurdle -- and we expect that the House of Representatives will soon send an approved version to the President for signature.

This is a huge victory for family farmers and the local food movement! I'm proud of all the great work we've done together -- making more than 12,000 calls to Senate offices demanding that the most important Food Safety Bill in a generation didn't unfairly undermine local food producers is a major accomplishment for our small but growing movement.

Thank you so much for all your hard work.

But here's the truth -- this fight is not over. I can assure you that Big Ag is already plotting their strategy for watering down these important regulations at the agencies tasked with enforcing them or trying another last ditch effort to stop these important protections for family farmers from being written into law.
And we will need your help -- and your support -- to make sure that this bill stays strong and fair to protect family farmers and the local food movement.

Will you chip in $10 right now to help us with this campaign to keep this bills' regulations strong and fair for family farmers all the way through implementation at Federal agencies like the FDA and USDA? 

Click here right now to make your $10 donation.

We're hoping to raise $10,000 today with this appeal so we can plan the next steps of our effort to ensure that enforcement has teeth for the biggest violators and that smaller farmers and producers are protected.  $10 might not seem like much, but if just 1,000 of us make a gift right now, we'll beat our goal in no time.

We don't ask for money often -- but this time it's really important. The more resources we have to marshal, the better able we'll be able to raise your voices to the powers that be on Capitol Hill and in Washington, DC.

And if you'd like to engage in the conversation with other FDN! members about this success, join us on Facebook and talk to other FDN! members who are excited about our latest victory.
Thank you so much for all you've done. I am so amazed by all of us -- and what we can accomplish together when we put our hearts, minds, and phones to it.

Hell it's only 10 bucks I just made my donation and I hardily encourage you to do the same to ensure you and your families food safety!

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