Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Red, White and Blue Popcorn

I was so excited when I saw that Oak Grove Mills, one of the farm stands at the Union Square Market was selling red and blue corn kernels along with the regular white. It seemed the perfect dinner party amuse-bouche for 4th of July or mid term elections. Sadly when it is popped it all looks the same.  As I was looking to post about something that was thematic and mid term election themed this seemed perfect.  If one has to look for metaphor in ones popcorn you could say it starts out with great promise and ends up being disappointing.  Just as I dread tonight's results are going to be more then a little disappointing.  But at least I will have some nice warm popcorn, that I will cover in butter and truffle oil and salt and a nice big bottle or two of wine, though sometimes tells me tonight might require something stronger...a nice blended scotch or maybe a few stiff chilled gin martini's?

If you live in the USA please vote.  These may not seem like a food related issue, but indeed it is, food policy, school lunch programs and regulation of big AG all require a Democratic majorityif we are to see any positive change at all.

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