Sunday, November 14, 2010

Reduce Carbon Emissions: Eat Bugs

This is a picture of Banana Worm Bread.   For the recipe you can check out the very informative and interesting article about eating insects in the Guardian.   If someone blindfolded you and you tasted this banana bread you'd probably think it was really tasty, but if you saw it first, forget about it.

Entomophagist Marc Dennis throws dinner parties in his Brooklyn Loft for people from far and wide who are interested in chowing down on some yummy caramel-glazed, cricket-crunch-coated flan and salted cicadas.

In SE Asia fried insects are standard street fare and often serve as a bar snack.  Mr. Dennis maintains that bugs are a cheap and easy form of protein and that we in the West need to get over our squeamishness and embrace the bug as an alternative form of protein in our diet.

As much as I agree with him I think that the best way for that to happen is to make food that makes the bug indivisible, maybe a ground insect pate would be a good start, something that doesn't scream cockroach or worm at you upon first gaze.  I see the picture above of the Banana Worm Bread and want to retch.   Maybe if you candied the worms and cut them up into bits...

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