Friday, November 5, 2010

Sun Chip's Noisey Bag

There is a lot of buzz in the press (at least the press I read) about this Sun Chips bag and how so many people are up in arms about how noisy it is.  Well I can understand it being annoying if say the people at the end of your row in at the movies have it and are eating out of it during the show, but the fact is they aren't supposed to!  Sun Chips aren't sold in the theater (the only people eating things out of bags are the inconsiderate idiots who bring their own food to the movies, and personally I hope there is a special circle of hell for these folks.  Not that I have anything against bringing a fine bar of chocolate or some organic popcorn to the movies, but for goodness sake be considerate about the container you bring it in; no one wants to hear your noise during the show! OK, enough of my digression).

In reality most people are buying snack chips to eat at home, so why is the noise the bag makes an issue? When you get them home take them out of the bag and put them in a bowl!  Problem Solved! Right?  Am I missing something?  Apparently the bowl solution was more than most Americans could manage to figure out.  So this really cool bag which is the most environmentally friendly thing to come around in the snack food world in like, ever, is no longer being made here, but in Canada....well watch the's very cool, and it's things like this that make you realize just how different Canadians are.  I mean even if a commercial like this were to be made here in the good old US of A it would feature some Hollywood type with blond hair and a good figure, not a very real husky guy of Indian (I'm guessing) decent, like it does in this infomercial from Canada.  All I have to say is go Canada! And I love the ear plugs offer, too funny and smart!

Please don't think this is an endorsement by the UrbanFoodGuy of Sun Chips; it's not, but the bag and this commercial are really cool....I'm still of the very motherly belief that an apple and some raw almonds are really a far better idea for snacking or some home made organic non gmo popcorn or even 70 percent cocoa chocolate....

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