Tuesday, November 2, 2010

International Versus Domestic A Cheese and Wine Rumble!

Some of my favorite local purveyors of cheese and wine have gotten together to duke it out over which is best with lots of audience participation required!  A fun way to taste a lot of good wine and cheese, in an "underground venue" only announced after you have bought your tickets - I'm intrigued!  Here's the dirt in their own words:

Usually wine and cheese freaks use a whole lot of flowery language to try to evoke images of bucolic pastures or elegant country chateaux. Well, you probably know by now we're not the usual wine and cheese freaks. Maybe we're a little bit off, but we think some of the greatest things in life happen not on sun-splashed hillside vineyards or in mountaintop chalets, but in dank, smelly cellars with minimal lighting--namely wine maturation, cheese ripening and illegal bare-knuckle boxing. The world has been waiting for someone to combine these noble pursuits, and we've answered the call.

We're going to go ahead and break the first rule of Fight Club and the second rule of Fight Club to announce a one-night-only-no-holds-barred-all-out-overly-hyphenated Vino and Whey Melée. We've assembled a motley collection of rival LES factions for a proper underground rumble. That's right--September, Discovery, Formaggio Essex and Saxelby Cheese are going to duke it out on Monday, November 15th, and teach all in attendance a bit about wine and cheese in the process.

But like Fight Club, we don't do bystanders. Participation is mandatory for all, but don't sweat it too much. Instead of the taste of your own blood, we're inviting you to savor the taste of some of the finest artisanal wines and cheeses from around the world.
So cop a ticket and shake yourself out of your blue oxford button down matching couch set complacency. Go underground for a night of low-light, funky-smelling, tasty chaos. And when the last crumbs are finally swept up off the wine-splattered floor, you'll decide who will reign as the next people's champ.

Monday, November 15th @ 8pm
$60/per person
To reserve your seat, please contact: bittersweetsoursalt@gmail.com

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