Monday, November 15, 2010

Dora Coffee 7 Days and Counting, Really

Last week I posted about a fabulous new coffee shop, Dora that is opening up on the corner of east Broadway and Clinton and said it was going to be open today, so this morning I went over to check in and get some coffee and see  how things were going.  The gang was all there busily preparing for opening next Monday.... so here are some pictures to get you excited about this very hip and beautiful coffee shop...


Anonymous said...

I'll look at photos of a new coffee shop any day, before I look at the worm bread again!!

VeronicaP said...

um, urban food guy, you better be here early tomorrow, because i can only get 48 bagels. Kossar's 7 am. Acme Smoked Salmon. Undisclosed cream cheese.

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