Saturday, November 27, 2010

Porcetta's Pork Lasgana

The night before Thanksgiving I was running around getting last minute groceries and I was starving.  Neil was sick in bed and I needed to get back home to start cooking.  I was on 7th street and was going to stop into Luke's Lobster for a bowl of soup but there were totally sold out of everything.  Just a little ways down the block and across the street is Porcetta where they serve amazing humanely raised heritage pork.  I hemmed and hawed at the menu and eventually the very helpful woman behind the counter said:  Have you had our lasagna? I had not, though I had heard about their lasagna I wondered why it wasn't on the menu?

It was $8 for a generous portion served on a lovely old plate like your grandmother would  have had.  Homemade noodles, Parmesan bechamel and a pork ragout.  It was heaven, truly one of the best things I have ever eaten.  It's amazing I was able to stop long enough to take the picture.  Rich, creamy with a sharp edge of the Parmesan juxtaposed to the fall apart in your mouth pork which every now and then you'll bite into a chewy end piece and get an mouth explosion of slightly salty fatty ambrosia.  $8 bucks.  Deal of the century.  Even though it's not on the menu it's a regular item so phone before you go and tell 'em you're coming for the lasagna!

Oddly enough both Porcetta and another placed I passed on my way home had Thanksgiving marketing that both basically said:  Save a Turkey eat pork!

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