Friday, May 7, 2010

Sustainable Sushi Guide

I stopped eating sushi years ago, even though I love it. Many things steered me to this decision: the state of the oceans, over fishing, the lack of clear knowledge of what it is you are actually being served (fish are often named something they are not) the inability for most sushi restaurants to be able to tell you where and how the fish were caught, the GM soy beans (edamame), etc...all added up for me to the point where I felt it was no longer really an option to eat sushi out. Which is a drag cuz it is so damn tasty!

Anyway this little video is very informative and may make me reconsider my ban on sushi. Of course don't forget that it is easy and fun to make it at home, especially if you just make sashimi that way you don't have to deal with rolling it. Seaweed salad is also an easy and very nutrient rich accompaniment that is a perfect, cool, crunchy staple for your summer time fridge.

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