Sunday, May 9, 2010

Lower East Side Food Co-Op

Finally after several months I managed to be able to get to a Lower East Side Food Co-Op meeting at the Education Alliance.

The idea of being able to have a good place to shop for groceries in the neighborhood is obviously super exciting to me. The people at the meeting were inspiring and had already done a lot of work. I was kicking myself for not going to an earlier meeting. Already they have had in people from the Park Slope Co-Op and the Fourth street Co-Op to speak about how to get things going.

This is a very exciting and vital part of the development of our neighborhood. We can no longer remain beholden to the horrid Fine Fare as our primary shopping place. The Essex Street Market is great and getting better all the time and it was wonderful having the Farmers Market last Summer at Essex and Grand (it's unclear if they will be doing it again this year), but it is time to have a full time store selling local, seasonal and organic products all year round.

The next meeting is May 18th at the Education Alliance at (I think) 6:30 (I couldn't yet find it on the site, so better double check). I'll not be in town for this one, but certainly plan on becoming an active participant!

If you or any of your friends live in the neighborhood, I heartily encourage you to get involved and come to the next meeting.

Go to and fill out the survey, check for meeting details and if you have any more question email them (us) at

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