Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Munchies as Culinary Inspiration

Since the New York Times published an article on how pot has been, er, inspiring chefs I
have received several emails pointing out the article to me. I can't imagine why? OK, OK I can imagine why although in the spirit of full disclosure I have not smoked any Maryjane in over a year, but I guess in the minds of many of my friends, the first person they think of when the combo of cooking and pot is mentioned is yours truly.

Funny in my day if anyone talked about cooking and pot it was about how to make the best brownie or how long you should infuse your butter before use. Now we've moved on to more lofty ideas like cereal milk ice cream and an article in the paper of record on the inspirational qualities of a still illegal weed.

So for all my friends who sent me this article, here you go.

For those of who you are culinarily inclined and like to do a bong hit at the end of a long day I have two bits of advice. When inspiration hits just remember to be careful with sharp knives and write everything down.

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