Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Coffee and Beer: The Beverages of Portland

This is Heart, probably my favorite coffee place in Portland. I go up to the counter and the woman at the cash register says to me:

"You look familiar, are you from New York?"

Turns out she used to work at Ninth Street Espresso my favorite coffee place in NYC and remembers me from there.

Small word, great coffee.

The space, everything is so...spacious in Portland.

The retro vinyl DJ station, cuz, you know dude every coffee shop has to have one.

The roasting lab:

My other favorite is a cart that is now also a cafe, Spella:

As part of my new diet I have sworn off beer, but couldn't fathom being in Portland where there is a micro brewery practically on every corner and not have at least one! I indulged in a Working Girl Porter at the EastBurn to go along with my tasty Elk meatloaf.

Arty beer pictures:

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