Saturday, May 15, 2010

Granville Island Market and the South China Seas Trading Company

The inside of one of the bigger market halls.

From this handsome fish (pictured above) comes a vast array of far less handsome looking products (pictured below), Salmon Jerky, Salmon Candy, Smoked Salmon...This is the garlic guy, he's been growing it all his life and makes a dizzying array of hot sauces and salts and even some picked garlic tops. His company is called Oddball Organics and he ships all over the world. It was his smoked garlic chipotle salt that I went for he said it tasted great with butter on popcorn and something tells me he knows what he's talking about!
I love the South China Seas Trading Co. I make a point of visiting every time I am in Vancouver. It is the best SE Asian supply store I have ever been in North America,certainly way better than anything we have in NYC. You can always find wild limes, lime leaves, fresh galangal, Thai eggplant and on the day I went they even had fresh cluster of green peppercorns (which the Thai use very cavalierly in curries). The only thing I found to be weird, which is as far as I can tell a Vancouver thing is that it seems impossible to find fresh cilantro with the roots still on. I check at the farmers market today and in Chinatown. Particularly in Thai curries coriander root is used to make chili paste and nothing really can be substituted. In NYC every where in Chinatown that you buy cilantro has the roots still on. Seems to me a farmer with a greenhouse could make some money supply Vancouver's large Asian population with all year cilantro with roots! In addition to all the exotic stuff they also had a well curated selection of local seasonal delicacies like fiddleheads and morels.

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