Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dr. Hyman Takes Milk (dairy) and the USDA Food Pyramid to Task

This Dr. Hyman guy is great. It's my first introduction to him and I love his straight forward, charming way of taking on an issue and explaining why it's bad for you and what you might do to change you habits.

I can't imagine why anyone would drink milk as an adult we're big fans of Almond milk in our household?

When I became a type 1 diabetic several years back I read several article that indicated early onset type 1 diabetes to milk drinking which is how we found almond milk, but be sure to only buy the unsweetened stuff.

The only time I use milk is for cooking. I love butter (who doesn't), but again how much do I really use? Not much, unless I'm making a big dessert so again on rare occasion I might have a butter splurge but hey everything in moderation including moderation. Dr. Hyman doesn't mention cheese in the below video, but given he is recommending no dairy at all I'd say cheese is for sure on his hit list. For me it's cheese that would be the hardest to give up. As someone who eats a small amount of fish and almost no meat, cheese is my favorite source of protein.

Anyway this video is really good and I love the way he rips apart the USDA food pyramid which he very clearing points out was written by large corporate food industry types. Who says the government can't be bought?

If you do have a child I really think you should NOT feed it anything but breast milk if you don't believe me just google "milk type 1 diabetes" you'll be surprised by what you find.

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