Thursday, June 4, 2009

Toronto Food Policy Council

So as a proud Canadian who lived in Toronto for 8 years I was really happy to stumble across this link .

The Toronto Food Council was founded in 1991! How progressive, they do lots of wonderful things and I love that as a disclaimer they say all their publications are a work in progress to "encourage future policy discussion". Very cool.

My favorite is under the heading Food and Hunger action:

Developed a feasibility study of not-for-profit healthy food delivery system for Toronto's low-income citizens. Operational control of the "Field To Table" program was assumed by FoodShare in 1992. It provides affordable, nourishing, regionally-sourced food to 15,000 people each month.

I find this particularly satisfying as so many critics on the right and in the media keep wanting to portray people like Alice Waters as elitist. Yet here we have a concrete example of what good food policy and ideas, ideas Ms. Waters has been espousing for many years, can do to bring healthy, locally grown food to the tables of poor people. I wonder if Anthony Bourdain would find this to be too Khmer Rouge-ish for him?

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Yusuf Alam said...

Thanks for the link! We will be updating our website again soon. Also, we are just getting set up on Facebook and in the blogosphere. Join the conversation on the web and drop by a TFPC meeting if you are ever in Toronto.

TFPC Staff

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