Monday, June 8, 2009

Burma VJ part two

My friend Debbie and I saw this last week at Film Forum, I posted the trailer here a while back and made mention of it in passing in my no bake strawberry rhubarb post, but felt the need to mention it one more time before Friday when it closes.

Even if you aren't so interested in the politics of Burma and it's history, it's just so fascinating to watch a movie made up of footage taken on cheap video cams stuck in someones arm pit so that the authorities won't see them doing it.

It's a tremendous testament to the resourcefulness of the Burmese people that after all these years of living in one of the most evil and repressive regimes on the planet, a people who have uniformly rejected the idea of an armed resistance, that they choose to fight this battle with the truth, as videoed by a band of brave freedom fighters.

Take lots of recycled tissues and a friend, don't miss this important and gripping documentary.

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