Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The End of the Line - Reviewed

Here is the NYT's review .

My favorite excerpt:

This vital, if rhetorically clumsy, film by Rupert Murray subverts our ancient faith in the ocean as an inexhaustible resource, offering a persuasive case that the major species of edible fish are headed for extinction — by some estimates, as soon as the middle of this century (the bold is my emphasis).

The middle of this century, 2050, is 39 years away.

Your children will see the extinction of seafood.

Weird how the standard thinking on eating seafood has always been:
"you should eat more it's healthy for you!"

Sadly as this movie points out it's not so healthy for the fish.

We must be reaching a tipping point, Mark Bittman in the Times wrote just last week about this very topic.

The phrase "ancient faith" sticks in my craw a bit, if only because I think a lot of people still believe the oceans and their bounty will never run out. You think people ordering fish sticks at fast food take out places have ever even given the matter a thought?

I have friends in this city who think it's all just poppycock. And, no I don't think they will be seeing the movie. Or I may just be over reacting and this documentary and reams of scientific research may be just whack?

It's weird to think that we may die being the last generation to be casual about fish n' chips?

To take sushi for granted?

I'm making wild caught poached salmon for dinner on Saturday.
Deviled eggs with smoked trout and horseradish cream.

Eat it while you can? I eat it rarely and source it with fanaticism on the special occasions I choose to serve it.

My thinking on it for now is eat very little, only eat fish that are certified sustainable and buy local fish from local fisherman.

How did the waters turn so dark, so quickly?

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