Monday, June 29, 2009

Criminal Bee Keepers!

On Friday at the Union Square market there were several people dressed up as bees walking around with clip boards. Being a nonchalant New Yorker I thought nothing of it. Then I came up a table at the south end of the market with lots of bee information on it so I went over to check it out.

For some crazy reason bee keeping in NYC is illegal. This of course doesn't stop people from doing it, NYC is an active hive of bee keeping activity (I couldn't resist).

The New York City Beekeepers Association is actually filled with puns like that: Catch the buzz join our hive...

Anyway, here's the deal, go to the site and sign their online petition* and make our beekeepers legal. Or if you are at the market you can do it there as well.

(For some reason it won't allow me to link to it but it's at the bottom right corner of the home page for the NYC beekeepers association).

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