Monday, June 8, 2009

Roberta's more than just pizza

Every Monday morning I look forward to reading Saxelby Cheese newsletter. This morning I was surprised to find out that those Evergreen shipping containers in the parking lot next to Roberta's pizza, the ones I point out in my video they are planting on? Well low and behold was I ever surprised this morning to find out that inside those containers is a radio station. The Heritage Radio Network and Anne Saxelby now hosts her own cheese show on Sundays at 3:30 called "Cutting the Curd" um, Anne do you think you could be any cheesier?

From the Saxelby newsletter:

The Heritage Radio Network was started by one Patrick Martins, one of the founders of Heritage Foods USA. Through the business, Patrick and his cohorts aim to save heritage breeds of livestock, mostly turkeys and pigs, by hooking up farmers in the midwest with savvy chefs and restaurateurs who have an eye for quality meats. Just last year, the spirit moved him to take his 'slow' business show on the road. Patrick convinced the owners of Roberta's that they needed to have a radio station in the back yard (really, what respectable pizzeria doesn't?) and in the spirit of wily culinary cowboys, they agreed. Two shipping containers and many a good conversation later, Heritage Radio is thriving. Programming is great and growing all the time, and features chefs, artists, master composters, authors, and now dairy gurus too!

This is indeed good news since my friend Craig found a 1960's model 21 KLH radio on the street in someone's garbage and gave it to me (he cleaned it up, but otherwise it was in perfecting working condition). Now I can sit by my radio on Sunday afternoon anxiously anticipating the meliflious tones of Anne Saxelby chating with guests about cheese. You go girl!

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