Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Today is World Oceans Day

The United Nations has named this the first ever World Oceans Day or maybe it should be called a day without seafood?

Reading the reviews of the new documentary The End Of The Line makes it sound more like a horror flick you have to keep looking away from.

Looks like Sushi needs to be taken off the options list. Also Fish and Chips are rarely made with a fish one can feel comfortable with, Natural Resource Defense Funds seafood chart now includes not only Cod, but Atlantic Halibut as must avoids. In general it seems like most Atlantic fish are in danger, with the exception of Lobster which seems to be making a come back.
It seems to me like eating fish out has become a very treacherous affair and that really at this point the only fish you should eat should be bought from a local fish monger at the green market. Unions square green market has two or three fish mongers and I believe one is there every day the market is open. Of course I also have noticed that one of the fish mongers sells Cod so...

As always grist.org has a bevy of informative and interesting articles and have knocked themselves out today with ocean day coverage.

One way to do something productive on this World Oceans Day is to click here and take action. They offer several ways to do things from calling the White House to emailing them (which I did) and some other social networking stuff. Here is the text they are suggesting:

President Obama, in honor of the first annual World Oceans Day I'm asking you to take the lead on getting the Convention on the Law of the Sea ratified before Congress goes home for the summer. Though the votes are there, it is unlikely that the Senate will adopt any major treaty without Presidential leadership. This treaty has broad bipartisan support and will help protect marine life, keep our ships safe in international waters, and boost our economy.
Mr. President, please steer the Law of the Sea towards ratification and show your commitment to working cooperatively with the international community by speaking out about this important treaty today. Thank you.

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