Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday Scraps

Having spent the last couple of days contemplating my first BBQ experience since childhood and my first ever pulled pork recipe I feel it my obligation to point you over to Huffington Post where there are several interesting pieces, the first one on how humans are basically vegetarians.

The other is their over view of 7 bloggers review of Food Inc., which opened this Friday in NYC at the Film Forum, I'm going to see it on Monday. You may remember I posted the link to the trailer here a while back.

It's also worth the time to check out the review of Food Inc in the New York Times, which calls it the scariest movie of the year.

This is great a story about so many of my favorite things: Canada, the environment and plastic. You know I spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about how we have all backed ourselves into a plastic corner and how plastic isn't biodegradable? Well at least that's what I always thought, turns out it does biodegrade it just takes 1000 years.

A very brilliant young man has won the Canadian Science Fair in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada by showing how it can be done in, oh 6 weeks.

My crazy concern is how to we get to all that plastic that is already buried, or the stuff floating in the ocean. Mostly though I just think we need to figure out a way to make naturally biodegradable non-fossil fuel plastic, we should get this 16 year old working on it!

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