Monday, June 29, 2009

Cheap Lobster

My friend Keith sent me this article about how the lobster stock in Maine may be doing to well.

Having been a high end item for so long it is perplexing folks especially the lobster men how their prize catch is now over abundant and too cheap. It's a far more complex tale then it would appear on the surface, involved Canadian processing plants, banks collapsing in Iceland and the decline in luxury dining.

My 2 cents is eat up while it's plentiful, sustainable and cheap!

Keith is a big fan of lobster rolls, as am I, The Mermaid Inn has two locations, the East Village and The Upper West Side and they have a $20 buck Blue Plate special: Lobster roll, French Fries and a Blue Point Beer.

Yummy. Oh just make sure you get there before 7 weekdays.

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