Thursday, January 15, 2009

Silly picture

I meant to include this in my post about Toronto. My brother David is a great photographer and he took this picture of me one cold night on the trendy Queen St.West. I do love me my hood!

Toronto is a great place for a get away.

One of my favorite french Bistros in Toronto is called Le Select Bistro I've been going there since I was in university. I love it and had a wonderful brunch with my brother, Neil and Kim.

My predictable and usual refrain is that other then the cheese course nothing was stated as local. I'm surprised that people with such dedication to food and hospitality still are using a full menu of CAFO meats and commercial fruits and veg with no apparent concern for the season.

I love this place and I heartily recommend if you are in town you drop by and have dinner, but please tell them it is important to you that they start supporting local farmers and serving real food not manufactured product.

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