Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dining in the Dark

My dear friend and UrbanFoodGuy reporter at large Craig sent me a blog post about this restaurant Opaque.

The concept is all the servers are blind (I made a typo and initially wrote blond - so glad I caught that one! Can you image eating a restaurant where all the servers where blond? Like wow what a concept!) and you eat in total darkness.

I did a search and found this video. It struck me initially as being kind of gimmicky, but there is something to be said about putting yourself in a situation where you are forced to taste your food without the help of yours eyes. As someone who did food styling here in NYC I am keenly aware of how much of what eat eat is about how it looks. So what happens when you don't see the presentation or the room, how does that change your experience?

So, yeah, it is a gimmick, but I think one that would be valuable to try at least once.

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