Wednesday, January 28, 2009

High-Fructose Corn Syrup Ad 2

This is such a joke. The corn syrup industry has an ad campaign to convince people that high fructose corn syrup is an OK, healthy, feel-good product we should hold close to our hearts and embrace, mindlessly, like a character in a zombie movie. As you can imagine, trying to put a good spin on an obesity- and diabetes-causing, genetically modified, Monsanto-is-taking-over-the-world, government subsidized "sugar product" isn't easy.

It is, however, particularly galling given recent reports about contamination of corn syrup with mercury. Just another negative to add to the already long list of why we shouldn't even make the stuff. Anyway, enough of me ranting, here's what the new findings are:

"In one study, published in the journal Environmental Health, former Food and Drug Administration scientist Renee Dufault and colleagues tested 20 samples of high fructose corn syrup and found detectable mercury in nine of the 20 samples".

For the full article go here.


elizabeth said...

this ad is soooo crazy! those corn assholes....
i finally got to check out your blog and i must say, your two part video on the pie bird made me smile. (almost as much as eating the pie itself) i love what you are doing and while i want to have you two over for dinner, reading your blog makes the thought just a bit intimidating! ah well. life is all about stepping into fear with grace.
anyway....well done!

The C-Suite Executive Assistant said...

Yeah, the ad with the two brothers, with the one eating cereal with HFCS in it, and the other brother taunting him, is just rediculous, too.

Brother #1: Don't you know that's loaded with cornsyrup?

Brother #2: Don't you know that cornsyrup is natural and made from corn, and not bad for you if eaten in moderation?

Uh, hello? News flash - there's cornsyrup in nearly everything on the supermarket shelf.

I give the PR folks props for trying, but I'm hoping the consumer is a bit more saavy about what the real message is.

Just like the coal industry braggin about 'cleaner coal'. It may be 'cleaner', but it's still coal.

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