Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Bio Tech Industries for Vilasck

To me, this is proof of everything I have been ranting about here, if the Monsanto's of the world are endorsing Obama's choice then it is clearing obvious the new Secretary of Corn has no interest in stewarding the land or promoting sustainable farming or helping farmers grow food that isn't dependent on genetically altered, patented, fossil fuel based agri-business as usual.

I found this link from a story on

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Wednesday, December 17, 2008) - President-elect Barack Obama announced today the nomination of former Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack to be U.S. Secretary of Agriculture. Jim Greenwood, President and CEO of the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO), issued the following statement in support of the nomination:

“BIO and its member companies applaud President-elect Obama’s choice of Governor Vilsack to be our Secretary of Agriculture.

“Having lived and governed in America’s heartland, Vilsack is a staunch supporter of our nations’ farmers and ranchers, and of the many companies and organizations who work in partnership with them. He is deeply experienced in addressing the many challenges facing our world today, such as the growing need for a sustainable food and fuel supply.

“It’s important to note that former Governor Vilsack is a past recipient of BIO’s Governor of the Year award for his support of the industry's economic growth and agricultural biotechnology research. As governor, he helped charter BIOWA – a group designed to foster the deployment of advanced biorefineries and supporting facilities and to create green jobs.

"Vilsack is keenly aware of the benefits of agricultural biotechnology and the role that science and innovation can play in helping farmers grow more food in a more environmentally friendly manner. He is a strong proponent of ethanol production, and we are confident he will work to further diversify our nation’s biofuels supply. He also knows the importance helping to build biobased business models that use biomass as a feedstock to make green plastics and renewable chemical platforms. In addition, Governor Vilsack recognizes the opportunities that can be realized with an increased focus on research and development in our agricultural sector.

“BIO and our member companies are excited at what the future holds, and we urge the Senate to quickly confirm Tom Vilsack. We look forward to working with him to enhance our regulatory system, manage our trade environment and further invest in agricultural research so we can further provide a sustainable supply of food, feed, fuel, fiber to our American consumers and those around the world.”

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