Saturday, January 31, 2009

Le Creuset makes me grumpy

Apparently grumpy is the theme of the day.

Before I decided to do a make shift covered dish for my no knead bread I spent the better part of the afternoon looking for a covered dish.

The recipe calls for a 5-6 quart, pyrex, le Creuset or ceramic covered pot. The one pictured above is Le Creuset's "French Oven." It retails for $310. Broadway Panhandler has them on sale for $250-ish.

Here's what I discovered. In the 5 or 6 stores I went to - from K-Mart to Dean and Deluca, no one sells a 5 or 6 quart ceramic or pyrex pot. The only one available was Le Crueset. I had no intention of buying one, even though I have fetishized them for years, because they are out of my price range, but even if I had the money: are you ready for this?

The beautiful French Oven pot, has a top on it made of some plastic rubber substance THAT MELTS AT 375 F.

Why would anyone in their right mind spend 310 bucks on a French Oven that is meant to go into the oven as its singular purpose, but you can't cook anything in it at a temperature above 375? Of course, ever the clever marketer, Le Creuset offers you the option to buy a metal top that cost $20 extra (meaning they are well aware of the situation and could care less what their customers think).

These metal tops, individually wrapped, were sold out at the two retailers where I asked. Meaning if you really wanted one you'd have to order it on line and have it mailed. Further increasing the expense and carbon footprint.

To their credit, the new line of basic black and white pots, now comes with a metal top, no extra charge, a bargain at $310.

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Philip said...

you should let me know when you want to buy things like that. The suburbs have these outlet-y places that have items like for 1/2 off. I have to say I use my two Le Creusets for stovetop recipes and couldn't live without them. The heat conduction can't be beat. But I've never tried baking with them, so I see your frustration.

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