Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Off topic - please send a letter

Sean Kennedy

(I went on a little bit of a tirade before I get to the point here so if you want the real reason for the post scroll down and read the red text).

Sorry, I realize I have become increasingly political here and I should probably do more "real" food type writing about cooking techniques and new fab products to buy.

I promise some more recipes and local NYC food stuff soon.

What I am feeling as this blog evolves is that I'm posting things that interest me - there are a ton of sites with pretty food pictures and the umpteenth reprinting of any number of familiar recipes (that you probably already have). These days, for me, food is about so much more then what you buy at the market and how you cook it. Food is about who we are, what we consider important, the environment, about supporting local farmers who toil to feed us as we turn on backs on them so we can eat cheap junk food or watch while agribusiness destroys our planet.

The idea of buying and eating a non-genetically modified food product is quickly fading into vague memory as our soil is poisoned by Monsanto and nature (birds) help to spread these frankenseeds all over, including places like organic farms.

These are all things I can't help but think about all the time.

It infuriates me when my dear friends shrug and tell me they could care less where there meat comes from or what happens to the animals or how agrifarming affect nutrition and taste. It's easy to get bogged down with the every day work of survival to be concerned with everything, especially when our pocket books are so bare, how can we think about anything but what is cheap and easy?

As I have argued long and hard here for us to all rethink and change the way we eat and shop for food we constantly have to remind ourselves of some simple facts. Cheap in the short term is not cheap in the long term and if we persist in eating this way and letting our planet be destroyed at such a rapid pace then there will be no "long term". The radical idea that people might just have to eat less meat seems incomprehensible to many. People cling to old food habits with the fondness of a childhood memory.

You want cheaper food? Find 8 friends (or 2 or 3 or 4 or...) go to the market and have one of the farmers sell you a goat, cow, lamb, pig and butcher it humanely at the farm and split it up and put it in your collective freezers. There, local, healthy, human food that didn't cost a fortune. The only thing eating sustainable requires of anyone is some planning and maybe some friends to help you in your mission to save the planet and improve the quality of your life and to serve your family more nutritious food.

OK there I go again.

What I really wanted to write about here was a murder case in South Carolina, a young man was killed when he was called a faggot and bashed in the face. His brain severed from his spinal cord and killed him. His murder was given 8 months - yes you read that correctly, in South Carolina if you murder in cold blood and admit to it a gay person it's really no big deal. His mother is campaigning to keep her son's murderer in prison. Please help her. Here is the info: Sean's Last Wish

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