Thursday, January 8, 2009

Followers and Comments

Just wanted to say thank you to all the people who have started to leave comments here. I really appreciate it, for me it makes this worth while to know people are reading and engaging in the issues being talked about here. I don't have any real rules yet about posting other then don't be personal in your attacks or criticism and try to be as honest intellectually and emotionally as you can. The only posts I will delete are those that come from a company who is only making a comment to advertise their product.

I'm sure this will change as things progress, but for now it seems like a fairly straight forward guideline.

This blog has become more and more important to me over the 8 months that I have been writing it. Being unemployed has really freaked me out and knowing I have a focus and a "job" here makes things better, gives me a focus and allows me to wake up each day with a goal.

I'm thinking about allowing advertising here but I always just thought that was only for bigger sites with more hits, but then I'm surprised to see that my hits keep increasing and again I thank you for coming back and telling your friends. Who knows maybe this can be my new job? That would be so cool

A special shout out to those who have signed on as followers. Please if you stop in here on any sort of basis become a follower - what the hell!

Let's hope 2009 will truly bring some hope and change to our lives and to our planet. It's obvious to me that even though sometimes I'm shrill and angry that most people here understand the passion and thought that goes into what I post or write about. For me, as you know, our food, our planet, our environment are all in peril. I fear that we may have already gone to far, that maybe we can't actually fix the ongoing destruction that has been started and seems impossible to stop in a capitalist culture that demands constant growth and profits over people, and greed over common sense.

The revolution starts now, thanks for joining me.

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