Monday, January 26, 2009

Making Organic Butter

I saw this video and then came across the Straus history video and thought they were wonderful. Mostly, it is inspiring to see people way ahead of the curve make bold commitments to the environment, to quality and ultimately making it work as a business.

Straus products are available here but for local reasons I buy Kates from Maine butter, although now I'm tempted to go against my local philosophy and by a pound just to support these great people and their very noble mission.


Jul said...

This is really cool. I always thought the best butter I ever had came from Ireland...but I've never tried their butter but now I will certainly look for it in the market.

That it doesn't burn as easily as others is a total perk...and I love the fact that they allow the natural color variations to occur as the diets of the animals may change.

Really nerdy, wonderful food stuff.

c james. said...

I have to agree with Jul; my fave butter is Irish - Kerrygold, but am probably biased due to my lineage.

And I'm glad UFG you talk about real food, instead of chattering about low-fat, no-fat, low-salt, no-salt, all-salt.

Real food just just tastes better - the grey area should be left out of good food.

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