Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Walk Through Old Prague

I took out the food stuff and will focus on it more specially, for right now I thought I'd just do the travel photo thing...this is the historic old town center and then on to the castle across the Charles Bridge

Every corner you turn in Prague there is a fairy tell castle in the distance. The thing I most liked about the architecture here is how diverse it is, one minute amazing art deco the next Medieval and everything in between.   Also the city is still crawling out from all those years of Soviet rule so it's not all perfect and pretty, it has an edge to it that I found kind of refreshing.

The famous astrological clock in old town square.

This is the other side of the clock tower - often during my visit a guy would play a trumpet from the top of the tower.  This was by far the epicenter of tourists.

Lots of art in Prague this was a "sculpture" I noticed in a court yard.
My journey over the Charles bridge.
Although November may not be the ideal time to visit as it got so damp and cold I love the atmosphere of all the fog (which I am told is partly pollution) but nonetheless it worked for me.   It could also be just be the cumulative affect of the people really is a no holds barred lets smoke kind of town!

Not being a big religious person I'm not so up on a lot of stuff, but I thought it was quite odd to see a christ on the cross with hebrew lettering on it...
Castles and cathedrals, castles and cathedrals and all so damn pretty.
This is the entrance to the actual Prague Castle on the hill.

The statues on either side of the gate entering the castle.
I thought this Cathedral had some of the most unique stain glass I've ever seen.

The crown - pretty funky right?
The view from the top.

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